Galactic Love

Love from all the galaxies

~ Atlantis Ancient Memories ~

The tall lady was stepping nervously across the large room, overlooking the city. She stopped; her eyes lovingly caressed the land from the height of the glass tower. The sun was illuminating the large room; the vibrant green plants were bathing into the sunshine full of joy. A deep sense of peace resonated through her body, as if the river of life itself was flowing through her veins and spine. She loved this land, this life and the sense of freedom.
She always enjoyed the late afternoon’s sun: not too warm, yet powerful and generous. Far into the distance the tall mountain range seemed to float on the surrounding ocean’s surface. The green and pale valleys attracted her attention. Under the blue skies, hovering above the mountains, this timid white cloud was sending a fainted shadow over the green areas. The sun seemed to be reflected by the brightness of the cloud. The cloud looked as if it wanted to copy the shape of the mountains. Something moved her beyond expectations in this landscape.
She returned to her desk, but still her glance was caught by the blue sky and the sight of the ocean. She was sitting back at her blue marble desk. She would often stare into the light shade of blue marble when looking for solutions and ideas. Getting stuck was becoming a more and more familiar feeling to her. Lately, she was doing more and more presence in her lab, daydreaming. She tried all the concentrations methods she knew, but the most efficient was still to stare at the tinny dots on her immaculate marble desk. She spent too many hours sitting there; it was as if something inside of her was refusing to give up.
She practically lived in this laboratory; she blended well in this sophisticated modern, surgical environment. She had not been home in days, this turned into obsession. She came to even love these dark machines and instruments in the lab. Tension was building up on her neck, as she was staring into these high-tech microscopes all afternoon. I never understood her work, what was it she was looking so desperately for? What could she be looking for in the outside?
Unaware of its presence, the sun was watching her through the glass roof and the green plants renewed her air every minute. She realised the tension in her shoulders and her back eventually. This made her instinctively go back near the glass wall again; inevitably she gazed into the distance. She always enjoyed distance. There was plenty of distance between her life and the ones in the lower city, distance to her home, distance to the Earth. I guess she was lonely without fully realising it, high above the clouds it was so easy to forget about ordinary people. The only thing that mattered was the connection with her husband, her work colleagues and this link with her research.
One day, as she looked down into the city, she saw burning houses, land opening up with lava coming through. The entire immediate area was covered in red pouring lava. Of course she was scared at first, but she knew that science demanded sacrifices. Eventually the people in the city entirely rebuilt the buildings, vegetation grew again. It was all that mattered to her somehow, that all returned to normal so that she could resume her work.
The day she died, the ocean covered the entire city, the land, the sandy beaches, this time the towers had not escaped the power of the oceans. It was a surprise to her when he stormed into her lab, looking like a defeated man. He was wearing his white and navy shirt and she was glad to seen him. He was the only person who she really cared about. He ran up to her to take her in his arms, she sensed very rapidly that he was terrified. She ran towards him and as soon as they were holding each other, the explosion and blue water broke trough the glass. Shattered glass, shattered lives… For once, there was no distance in her life.

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