Galactic Love

Love from all the galaxies

First Concubine

Their love was unique across the Galaxy. They always felt this strange connection and irresistible attraction for each other.

He was a Sirian High Prince and she caught his eye among his other possessed trophies.

Eventually he succeeded in attracting her attention and he proposed… well as much as a High Prince can propose to the one who caught his heart.

He offered her to become his first concubine. This meant that he would have his descendants with her. In fact he could and was expected to have children with his other concubines, but only the children with the first royal concubine would have access to the throne.

Only her children would be considered of royal blood, worthy of the throne. He had almost convinced her that his love for her would be unique and almost exclusive.

However, she ask how long would their love last? and he replied that since she would be his first, he would love her for ever. What seemed strange to her, is that he was a well established prince and that he already had a first concubine.. so she wondered, how comes he could just get rid of her, since he was supposed to spend his life with his first and only have feelings for her?

His embarrassment was obvious and he explained that he was a ruler, and as such all had to bow to his desires. So if he wanted her as first, the other first would have to become of lower rank.

This also almost convinced her, and he promised that no matter who he took pleasure from within his harem, she would be the one he would sleep with every night. He promised that he would always come by her side.

This did not impressed her much. So she expressed the desire to remain a court entertainer with no special privileges.


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