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Ellie Miser: How do Pleiadians Come into Earth Bodies?

2011 MAY 15

by chezanni

By Ellie Miser

A friend asked how Pleiadians (and other star beings) can come into Earth bodies, other than as walk-ins, which got me to thinking about how I got here, remaining 100% Pleiadian – as was my mother.

I have been told (by Plen) that a Pleiadian child is conceived in the female by mutual intent and desire of a couple to have a child. The embryo is then transferred into a chamber (or incubator) containing golden liquid where it remains until it is old enough to be removed to the home. That would explain the absence of an umbilical cord and the golden tint of the skin of our Pleiadian race.

When I volunteered for this mission, I needed an Earth human body for this was to be a long term mission, but I wanted to retain my original Pleiadian body so I could return to my life on the Pleiades. Mother insisted on coming ahead of me so she could give birth to me and be my caretaker, protector and balancer until I reached adulthood while I was here on my mission of bringing with me the higher essence of 5D Pleiadian Love/Light/Balance.

She was (and is) the most perfect example of motherhood one could ask for! I look forward to being back in her loving presence when I am finished here. She was more than my mother – she was my friend, confidante and mentor. We are to return to the Pleiades to continue our life there when my mission is completed, so we went through the soul transfer method so we could keep our original bodies, in stasis, for that time of returning home.

At this point, I am not sure how her embryo was formed in her Earth mother – maybe her mother was brought onto our ship where it was formed by thought by her and my father – this part is still unknown to me.

Come to think of it, I don’t know who MY grandparents are on the Pleiades! My family tree is still a mystery although I was told by Plen that my grandfather’s name is Planiniton and that he is off in another universe, doing his job. It seems to me that the suffix of a person’s name indicates their function somehow. Like “tron” is a technical or scientific suffix – “ton” indicates a ruler position, etc. But I digress – back to the current subject…

The embryo she was to use was transferred to, or manifested into, the Earth female, who was to become her Earth mother, where it attached itself to the wall of the uterus and an umbilical cord was formed for it to receive its nourishment from the placenta, creating a 3D fetus for her to be soul-transferred into.

My Earth father was sterile from childhood because of spinal meningitis so he could not have fathered a child and I knew my mother was not unfaithful to him as that was not her nature so I always wondered how I could have been conceived. Now I know! I always assumed my Pleiadian father, Haiton, somehow melded his DNA into my Earth father’s sterile sperm to impregnate mother – now I am believing it was done by the method I speak of above. We just never stop learning!

The above is my belief and may not resonate with others – if that is the case, I would be most interested in hearing of their memories and opinions. I do know about walk-ins but that was not so in our case.

Blessings and Namaste


For more on Ellie’s story, search on Ellie Miser in the search bar.


One comment on “Ellie Miser: How do Pleiadians Come into Earth Bodies?

  1. Sanna Aulén
    October 30, 2012

    How would one now to be a Pleiadian? My dearest book is the Bringers of the dawn. I cryied the first time it came in to my hands.
    /Seeker for answers. Please would really appreciate it!

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