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My Favorite Pleaidian – Part 1/3

2011 MAY 10
by Steve Beckow
Ellie Miser (Amppa)

(For more about Ellie, please enter “Ellie” in the search engine on this site.)

(Parts 2 and 3 will be published Wednesday and Thursday.)

Where Do I Start?

I have a sheaf of papers in front of me at the moment and the very worst thing that could happen is for them to fall on the floor and get out of order so I’d better write them up right away.

I’ve just gotten off the phone with Ellie Miser. It’s 11:11 on May 5, 2011. And, when Ellie began to tell me about her life, I quickly reached for a pad of paper and wrote down what she said. I have to tell you that I have just heard the most incredible story I think I may have ever heard in my life. I’ve read stranger novels and have watched stranger movies, but never talked to anyone with as novel a life history.

Ellie as a younger woman

Ellie had remarked yesterday that she’d be curious to hear my voice and I thought to myself that I’d be curious to hear hers as well and so I arranged to call her today via Skype. I’m not a phone person usually and neither is Ellie. If something doesn’t result in writing, I’m usually not attracted to it – movies, chats, phone calls.

Be that as it may, we spoke for easily an hour and thankfully a version of Ellie’s life has emerged on paper and here it is.

Ellie’s Husband Plen

Plen considers himself her “fiancé” at this time, instead of mate, because he wants them to have a formal Earth-type wedding when she returns to her Father’s ship, the Isis. He likes the idea of vows since he’s been studying Earth’s Bible in his spare time.

I asked her if she remembered the Pleiades and she said not a lot. She said her Higher Self had agreed that she would get back her Pleiadian memories when she returned to the ship.

I asked her how her cloned body was doing, not the usual conversational question, I admit. She said that Plen monitors her physical condition constantly and fixes whatever goes wrong taht is life threatening or painful  almost immediately. When she told him that she was worried she was getting cataracts, Plen told her not to worry about it which suggested to her again that she might not be here much longer. Perhaps that’s why we had our conversation.

Plen is a great experimenter and risk-taker and quite a clown, she said. I asked her if Plen was lonely and Ellie said that she goes on board the ship in sleep and sometimes physically. Plen can bi-locate (as can residents of the Mental Plane). He has 125 ships at his disposal. She knows she goes to the ship physically as she had proof of that one night while visiting a friend in New York.

She awoke one night in her second-storey bedroom to see, in the bright moonlight, an arm clad in light silver/blue material laying beside her right arm that was resting at her side. She reached over, touched her arm, felt the touch, then touched the arm next to hers and realized it was someone else’s! She saw a hand reaching to remove the pillow from between her knees, then blacked out. She was later told she was permitted to be awake for that brief time for reassurance that Plen is real, not a figment of her imagination. He had come to take her to the ship for healing/balancing as she was not happy with where she was and the situation she was in.

Once lonely for her company, and she for his, he came to visit her in his etheric body (or possibly physical) by using the ship’s transporter illegally (without permission). She kept her eyes closed during the visit for fear he would disappear if she looked at him – or she would see him and pass out from shock.

He crawled into bed with her but when she touched his hand accidentally, still with her eyes closed, he became aroused and had to leave quickly as a 5th dimensional being touching a 3D being while not fully manifested could do serious harm to either one or both. When he returned to the ship, he was reprimanded for his tom-foolery and confined to quarters for a time. (People are the same all over the universe!)

Since Ellie has her “sight” and “hearing” abilities blocked, she cannot see Plen, but she has a friend who can both see and hear Plen and her Father so he relays message to her while they are on the phone with each other when she needs to be told something – otherwise, Plen and/or her Father stand by, observing and listening to the conversation.

In past, Plen had permission, on rare occasions, to exchange bodies with Ellie’s son, Jerry, for five or ten minutes at a time. On those occasions, Plen had to squeeze his seven-and-a-half-foot frame into her son Jerry’s six-foot body and confessed that it could be a confining experience. While Plen was in Jerry’s body, Jerry transferred into Plen’s body on the ship where he and Haiton, Ellie’s father, could watch and listen to their conversation on a 3D viewing platform.

Incidentally, Jerry is also from the Pleiades – he was Ellie’s son there as well – so he is 50% Earthian/50% Pleiadian. When Jerry was born, he came in with a different language in his memory so he didn’t speak until his fourth year. Ellie and her husband had his hearing tested, thinking he might be deaf. Jerry said he just didn’t have anything to say until he decided to talk. He also had technical knowledge that was extraordinary – he was removing transistors and resistors from radios and placing them in color codes at age 3, alongside his Earth father, who was also unusually skilled in electronics.

Over time, Jerry found it confusing to have Plen’s memories that remained after Plen left Jerry’s body – affecting his emotions toward Ellie – so the visits stopped after one last 1-1/2 hour visit around 12 years ago.

As Plen came into Jerry’s body, he spoke Pleiadian to Ellie and she had to ask him to speak English because she did not remember Pleiadian. I asked her to describe how Pleiadian sounded and she said it was a very sweet and melodic language but we couldn’t find a comparison that we’d be able to recognize.

Ellie’s Mother and Father

Ellie’s mother put her Pleiadian body into stasis alongside Ellie’s to come to Earth and give birth to Ellie. She was a deeply-devoted mother both on the Pleiades and on Earth. When a body is put into stasis, it’s sometimes empty, the spirit having gone elsewhere.
Her father had been waiting so long for her mother to return to the ship that a Pleiadian, Vesna, agreed to activate her mother’s body and live in it for a while to provide her father with the companionship of his beloved mate, Ellie’s mother. Vesna retained her own memories and Ellie’s mother’s memories, which allowed her to interact as Ellie’s mother would have.

This arrangement lasted for 15-20 years, then Vesna became homesick for her own family and friends back on the Pleiades and there was no indication of how much longer Ellie and her mother would be on Earth so she exchanged bodies again, putting the mother’s body back into stasis. Last year, Ellie’s mother, at the age of 101 years plus, finally released her Earth body and returned to her Pleiadian body and now stands at her husband’s side, waiting for Ellie to join them.

Ellie’s father is … not exactly royalty, not exactly a king, but definitely a ruler. We don’t have this kind of situation on Earth. Kings and queens used to say they were divinely appointed though they were and weren’t. They were in the sense that all events are divinely appointed but they were not in the sense that Ellie’s father is. On the Pleiades, rulers are not elected – it’s an inherited assignment. Since Ellie is Haiton’s only child, she’ll be expected to take on his duties when he decides to retire. Even though everyone is equal, she said there needs to be a leader, a father or mother figure. His is a patriarchal energy. When he retires, it will be Ellie’s turn and she will bring a matriarchal energy in for balance.

Ellie’s father is a fragment of God in a different sense than we all are. He’s considered their supreme leader, but still only a first among equals. She said it’s her understanding that the Creator creates sublevels of Herself and assigns them to rule over the many worlds She has created in the various universes of Creation. I was reminded of Jesus or Buddha.

I related to her the history of a ruler in the Astral Planes, as told by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, and she agreed that the same description of a ruler, who was more of a counselor and facilitator than a monarch, would fit her situation as well. I may publish Benson’s description. We’re not used to thinking in terms of hierarchy but it does exist on other planes and spirit realms.

I look forward to visiting “Queen” Amppa when I can travel galactically. I know we will have a good laugh and drink a delicious concoction she calls “Vermillion,” after its color, which I assume she’ll materialize.

Ellie said that her father’s ship is powered by huge crystals of various colors for different energy requirements and she believes most, if not all, ships are living organisms that can change their shape when the need arises. It can assume a a more sleek design when traveling, for least friction, or it can become larger, to accommodate masses of people or equipment, etc.

Ellie has a friend who knows that she (not Ellie) is a ship on another level of existence. She can feel the pulsing of her energy source and feel the huge size of her body. I have heard as well from other sources, perhaps Sheldan, perhaps SaLuSa, that ships are living organisms. Ellie said everything God created has life, not just ships. How can it not be true if all is created from energy that is constantly changing and moving?

Pleiadian cities are also crystal, as are cities on our own Mental Planes.

She said that her Father will permit her and Plen time, several hundred years if desired, to reconnect and readjust before tasking them with their new mission. But at some time she’ll step into his shoes. She characterized herself as being in training for a position of counselor or facilitator.

I wonder if Plen will walk three paces behind her? Just kidding. She said he’ll more likely be hopping and skipping ahead of her, eager to be on to new, exciting adventures!

I think one of my jobs is to get us used to thinking about hierarchy and wean us from our bad memories of earthly kings and queens. Ellie is anything but an Earthly queen. She sees herself as a simple, aging Okie granny.

Ellie’s Son Jerry

Ellie says her contract was up in 1982 but she stayed on to continue her work of grounding the energies of love, light, and balance on Earth. She was told she’d be taken up to the ship at some point where she could watch events unfold on Earth or she could choose to return to Earth for six months – she now believes that referred to her getting the cloned body as it was expected her original Earth body would not last much longer past her Mother’s leaving.

Ellie’s Pleiadian body is in stasis on the ship. She has been told for about 40 years that she will not die a physical death, but will ascend to the ship in the physical to be soul-transferred back into her Fifth-Dimensional body. She hopes that proves to be the case because she doesn’t want to burden her relatives with having to dispose of her Earthly body.

Ellie was supposed to have returned to the ship with her mother, but remained in part for Jerry’s sake. He’s currently incapacitated from a car accident that happened back in 2004. He has a bulging disk in his lower back, pinched and damaged nerves in his neck and shoulders, a bone that pops out in the lower part of his neck that causes him to black out, and arthritis the full length of his spine, but he’s been denied disability because he’s “too young” (53 yrs old) and, in their opinion, can still hold a pencil and phone for a job. So he spends his days taking care of Ellie’s needs and working around the house and yard. She says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him!

Ellie calls Jerry a genius, who can fix anything that plugs into a socket – is becoming quite a mechanic as well – and considers our technology so primitive. It’s as simple as playing with “Tinker Toys”. But he cannot even write with his nerve damage and is in constant pain so he can’t do full time work. He works for a computer shop one day a week for about 3 to 5 hours which helps with his personal needs. He’s very disappointed that his skills are being wasted by not being able to work since he loves what he does.

She tells the story of having received a very large TV once, which must have weighed 300-400 lbs. It had been left behind by her daughter’s family after they moved. Ellie needed to get it up off the floor and onto a stand. Jerry told her to “turn around. Don’t look and don’t ask!” Even though he had all these circumstances going on with him, when she turned round again, the TV was on the stand. She doesn’t know how he did it but suspects he and Plen levitated it.

The TV and table

She said that she and Jerry were very close and worries that he would be lonely if she left.

The Pleiades and Things Pleiadian

Ellie said that Pleiaidians live in crystal cities, which is the same as we do on the Mental Planes. And of course the Pleiades that she comes from is in the Fifth Dimension, which is the equivalent of our Mental Planes.

In the Pleiades, people live in total trust and love. There is no deceit.

Ellie said that she was born with full capabilities but had to have the blinkers applied because she was so trusting that she was gullible. Her memories were blocked so she couldn’t be so easily deceived. I said it sounded like being “dumbed down” and she agreed that it was much like that.

She related the story of how one man told her, when they went to visit Niagara, that the falls had been turned off that day so they could clean the rocks and she believed him, only to find he was joking.

Pleiaidians, Money and Attitude Towards Wealth

Ellie said the Pleiadians don’t understand our fixation on material things, money, etc. She said Pleiadians are in perfect balance (most of the time) and follow the Law of One.  They have no need for money as they materialize what they need. I asked her why the Pleiadians didn’t just materialize gold for her and she said that would defeat the purpose of this lifetime.

She told me about a recent Earth life in which she and her Earth husband had been wealthy but her husband was not spiritual and said that this lifetime they came together again in a life of poverty to so as to connect and grow spiritually. It worked!

She said it’s her choice, at this time, to live by faith, not by material wealth. She said this lifetime was, in part, an experiment designed to show her, and others by example, that God provided for her daily needs in an Earthly setting and so far God has. She told me about a PayPal donation that had come that very morning, after she had had a thought that she needed something. It covered exactly what she needed.

She said she always received what she needed when she needed it, that her needs were supplied daily. She confessed however that sometimes it’s difficult to remain in the “now” without financial concerns, but when assistance comes, it’s always confirming and reassuring for her.

She drives a 10-year-old Volkswagen that was given to her. She said that Plen had modified it so it gets 52 miles to the gallon. Really! Her TV, computer, etc. were also given to her – of course, the computer is necessary for her work and contact with other Lightworkers and the TV provides light entertainment when she needs a break from serious work.

The Cabrio

She said the Pleiadians have no needs, no pain, etc. (We know that Matthew has also said that we will have no pain, no sickness, etc., in the Fifth Dimension, where nothing untoward can exist.) She said that Plen’s constant advice is “DON’T WORRY! BE HAPPY! And live in the NOW.” Later she told me about another reason he gave her that advice – it has a negative reaction on her body. Every time Ellie gets a little pain, she says “ouch” and Plen is there fixing it.

She said she was protected in other ways as well. She told me stories about visiting the black, or segregated, part of her home town as a small child after her mother told her stories about a little black boy and girl she called “Sarah” and “Jimmy,” to keep her from squirming around while her mother cut her hair.

Ellie would go to the black area to look for those storybook children and sit there all day watching for them. And on Sundays, she loved sitting on the grass in front of a church, listening to the loud, joyous singing of the blacks. She was the only white person permitted to be there. Other white children would be pelted with rocks when they came near the community.

She related a story of having to walk home from the theater late one night when her mother was detained in a non-injurious car accident and couldn’t pick her up when the movie was over. A man and his dog followed her home in what she’s sure now was a protective gesture. She related other situations of danger in which nothing happened to her.

Ellie’s Lives on Earth

Ellie says she’s been born into Earth lives 2,365 times in different dimensional 3D levels and different fragments, not necessarily a sequence of 2,365 times. She says that Earth time is faster than Pleiadian time. She remembers many of her past lives. She related lives in harems, a life in a temple serving as High Priestess, a lifetime as a druid, lives being sold to men, and a life when, as a male, she opposed government and had her eyes burned out so she could not see their evil deeds and her tongue cut out to prevent her from speaking out against corrupt government officials.

She said she has met three men on Earth that she’s had karma with. She met the man whose harem she was in and he was again attracted to her but this time, he didn’t have control over her and they developed a good friendship. She told about one man she worked with, a supervisor who demanded she lie for him to his fiancé when he was meeting other women for lunch or whatever. She confessed to a co-worker that she could not think of one positive thing to say about him. The friend reminded her that his breath provided carbon dioxide for the plants. So Ellie accepted that as the one and only good thing she could say in his behalf.

Ellie described another lifetime in which her son, Jerry, was her wife – Ellie being male in that lifetime, of course. Ellie came back from hunting to find that Indians had burned down her house and killed her wife and children.

In another lifetime, she was a boy living in Louisiana, who, at the age of 10, was drowned while he and a friend were paddling about on a little raft they had put together. Ellie knew how to swim but the friend didn’t so Ellie dove in after him when he fell off into the water. The friend became tangled in weeds at the bottom of the pond – Ellie would not leave him so they drowned together.

That lifetime was meant to be a short one. Ellie had wanted to return to a couple who had been recent, adored parents but all had been learned in the previous lifetime spent with that couple and she was to move on to new experiences. But she was permitted a brief 10-year reunion with them.

In another lifetime, she (as a male) was in love with a woman who was forced to marry an older, wealthy man. “Ellie” loved the woman so much that she never married and the woman threw herself out of a second-storey bedroom, to her death, because she, too, wanted to be with “Ellie”. It was at the end of that lifetime that Ellie welcomed the death experience and found it to be a joyous release from a lifetime of loneliness and longing to be reunited with the true love that had not been available in that lifetime

It was while revisiting or reliving that lifetime that she upset the therapist who was in charge of the past-life regression session. The therapist, on the one hand, was frantically trying to bring Ellie out of the death experience while Ellie, on the other, was trying to stay in it to get the full effect of the lovely feeling. When Ellie finally responded, she told the therapist that she had been fine and had just been enjoying the experience of dying.

As for her health, she discussed relatives who were older than her but less supple. A neighbor lady – who is quite disabled and in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, had been a drinker and partygoer and has both hips and knees replaced – visited Ellie last week and during their conversation, the lady asked Ellie’s age. When she was told Ellie would be 80 this year, the friend was very surprised. She thought Ellie was much younger than her when, in fact, Ellie was 8 years older.

She asked Ellie if she was ever bored or lonely. Ellie said no, she spends many happy hours on the computer, connected to e-mail friends and playing games. She has one soap opera she enjoys and several sit-coms that keep her laughing and she still works a crossword puzzle a day – in ink.

She said she has a force field around the house, put there by her father, that extends ten miles in any direction. When a tornado comes towards her house, it’s redirected to the north or south of her. The last huge tornado that came by her house, a video of which I posted, came within eight miles of the house. She wondered if the force field might be deteriorating because it should have protected her up to ten miles. Her Father did not plan on her being here on Earth this long.

Ellie was worried recently because her son-in-law had built a room onto the mobile home she is living in – while her daughter’s family was living in it – around a big tree, instead of cutting the tree down and building over it. Lightning struck 2 trees at the fence line when her daughter’s family lived in that home, splitting the trunks down the middle. She knew the force field extended ten miles laterally but did not know how far it extended vertically and worried that lightning could hit the tree. She was told to not worry about it.

(Continued in Part 2.)


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