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My Favorite Pleaidian – Part 2/3

2011 MAY 11
by Steve Beckow
Ellie Miser

Continued from Part 1.)

Levels of Life

Ellie said it is her understanding that there are twelve levels to Earth’s Third Dimension – possibly to every dimension – and we could have soul fragments alive on all levels. Ellie herself has had eleven other fragments alive in this dimension at the same time – three male and eight female. Most of them have now gone back to her Higher Self. She is the original while they are/were the fragments. She has communicated with one of her “other selves” for several years – he lives in Russia and is employed in an educational capacity.

All “other selves” were manifested because of certain desires for experience that the Higher Self has. All are just thought forms of the Higher Self. The individual lives are created because there is not enough time for any one life form to experience everything the Higher Self wishes to obtain information about.

Ellie said that, as vibrations increase, different levels come into view. This is what Ascension is, an increase in vibrations that brings into view another level of existence, which we then live on.

What is Ellie’s Mission?

I asked her why she came to Earth. She said that she volunteered to bring the 5D Pleiadian light, balance and love to Earth. In regards to balance, she related how she has a vivid memory of when, at age 11, she touched a door frame with her left elbow as she exited the house – she was compelled to go back and touch the opposite side of the doorframe with her right elbow to feel in perfect balance. Even that young, she was practicing her balancing mission.

When we returned to the topic later, she said she had come to bring Pleiadian positivity, love and light to Earth. She is equivalent to a conductor that draws down energy, processes it for Gaia’s use and grounds it. As a conductor of Pleiadian energy, she must have no resistance, which is the second reason why Plen continuously tells her, “Be Happy. Don’t worry. Live in the present moment.”

She said many Pleiadians, along with Starseeds from other planets, are here on Earth to do the same work. Without them, the negativity on Earth would be amazing, unbearable. They bring in the higher energies and distribute them around the planet. That is their purpose. Some of the older people, she said, are getting somewhat worn out from this task and are leaving.

She said that other Pleiadians are being drawn into contact with her through e-mail and by phone to combine their energies to make a stronger flow.  The same applies to all Lightworkers – readers who are drawn to this website are being drawn to their kind – coming together in the Oneness.

I’m not sure that Ellie knows about the 2012 Scenario or Share11 discussion groups, but if she did I’m sure she would say that those consist also of people who are drawn to each other.

She said that she and her Pleiadian friends connect by phone and computer. As long as they use a landline phone for contact, their conversation is protected from the dark, but not if they call by mobile or cell phones as those conversations are transmitted through the air, which can be intercepted by the negative beings.

She has a friend who sees auras and she told Ellie that her aura goes way out through the roof and extends a great distance in every direction, with rainbow colors. Ellie said her spiritual essence is pure blue/white crystalline love. “I am love,” she said, “and have to keep it flaming. Anything negative brings me down.” I certainly feel full of love having spoken to her.

Ellie’s philosophy is that everything works out for our highest good and every action or incident has a purpose. She believes there are no coincidences and no accidents – only learning experiences. She says that she spends each day thanking God and blessing everyone.

I asked Ellie why she didn’t write down the details of her life and she said she had been a scribe in other lifetimes but not in this one. That is not her task. Her scribe tendencies had surfaced in early life. All she had was a radio and she used to transcribe the lyrics of songs as they were being sung, producing several spiral notebooks full of them. Classmates would approach her for the words to songs they wanted to learn.

She said that, while she lived for a brief time with her Earth father in California where he had moved to when she was 4 years old, she would write letters that were more like small books to her Mother. But she no longer feels this energy and prefers to visit by computer or phone, watch TV, collect and send out her articles, and similar things.

The Nature of Earth

From what Ellie has been told through the years from her trusted Source, Earth is the only dual polarity, free will world in this universe, which is why it attracts such a great degree of attention.  This level of Earth that we are on is the most dense. She jokingly refers to us as mushrooms that get crapped on daily. “We’re in the crapper”, she joked, “the septic tank of the universe.”

On this planet, absolute free will is allowed. She said to imagine the Creator saying, “I wonder what would happen if I created a free-will world? If I allowed people to do whatever they wished?”  Now he says, “Well, that experiment didn’t go well – no more absolute free will!  From now on, there will be rules, monitoring and some limitations.”

This is a learning world, created for that purpose. This is where anyone can experience their desires, provided they can live with the karmic consequences. On other planets there are limits placed on conduct. If someone has a negative thought on another planet, someone comes along to assist or facilitate them with it. They are never left without help and guidance. (This is how it is on the Astral and Mental Planes as well.)

Pleiadians have a planet where they may send people to if they get too far out of balance. Their mission is to deal with their imperfections before returning. She agreed that there are renegade Pleiadians – rebels – when I asked her about a remark in Barbara Marciniak’s publication that mentions negative Pleiadians.

Ellie said it is her understanding that Earth is an experimental world that consists of a living library, a school of higher learning, a playground where many species can mingle and adapt to other species – a testing ground. Other worlds have brought seedlings to it to see how they would interact with other races of beings. She said many of the species here exist as people on other planets. She gave the example of praying mantises. She said there are three praying-mantis people, highly skilled surgeons, on her Father’s ship, who have been assigned to assist Plen in maintaining her wellbeing.

She said that the Star Wars bar scene, where many strange beings gathered to mingle, was pretty much what it was like on her Father’s ship.

This chapter is the final one in Earth’s duality phase. She praised Gaia whom she said had been through hell with us. She said she sees Gaia as a very loving, dedicated spirit who volunteered to bring life to this planet when it was created. I would add: a good sport.

She said that many starseeds are now completing their contracts and after a grand reunion celebration, will return to their own worlds. Perhaps that’s what Archangel Michael meant when he said recently that it was time for many to graduate.

(Continued in Part 3.)


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