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My Favorite Pleiadian – Part 3/3

2011 MAY 12
by Steve Beckow

(Continued from Part 2)

Following our conversation, Ellie sent me two emails with a few additional memories. Let me append them:

Hi Steve!

I was thinking just now of some of the unexpected blessings I’ve received, among which were many cars given to me by friends who were buying newer cars and wanted to know if I could use their “old” ones (instead of using them for trade-ins).  One favorite,  a 1986 Buick Century, was given to me by a Russian lady in 1999. Jerry and I drove up in his car to a Denver, CO suburb to collect it – spent a delightful weekend with her.

A drunk woman hit that car head on with Jerry driving it a short distance up the road to my daughter’s house. He was going 25 around a very sharp curve. She came barreling around at about 75 mph and lost control.  Totaled my car. Jerry was okay except for a broken nose and loose teeth from hitting the steering wheel when the floor buckled up under his feet.

I’ve come into contact with so many special people during my life journey!  All pre-agreed, I’m sure!  Pre-planned on a higher level.

I forgot to mention an interesting time when Jerry and I were in Sedona, AZ at Boynton Canyon.  Jerry had been in long-time contact with an alien being called Amtron, a “technician” with whom Jerry worked on a ship on special projects.

Amtron asked if he could switch bodies with Jerry for a few minutes to see our planet through Jerry’s eyes.  Jerry gave permission and I watched the body exchange.

When completed, Amtron slowly turned his (Jerry’s) head, looking around the landscape, commenting on what a beautiful planet Earth is!  Tears began rolling down his face.  Amtron, startled, asked what was happening. Was Jerry’s face melting?  I explained how emotions sometimes trigger tears of joy.  Then we got into a conversation about emotions and tears, something entirely strange and new to him!

Another time, Amtron exchanged bodies with Jerry when a friend was visiting me and we got into a conversation about technical matters that I had no answers for so we turned to Amtron for answers.  During Amtron’s conversation with her, my cat came into the room and brushed against Jerry’s leg. Amtron looked down, taken by surprise, asking why a furry creature was in my living space.

I explained about “pets” and how they share living spaces with people who supply food and shelter for them.  He said that was surprising to him since furry creatures were supposed to be self-sufficient – hunters, etc.  I explained how city life was not supportive of feral creatures without human help and that a very loving relationship exists between animals and humans when they choose to share living space.

And that reminds me of when I began referring to Planinitar as “Plen.”  He asked about that and I told him it was my pet name for him. He said: “But I’m not a pet!” Then I had to explain how pet names were used as an informal, intimate address among friends.  He finally accepted that it was not a bad thing.  My friend who communicates with Plen refers to him as “The Plenster,” which confused Plen even more. Hee hee!

Oh, and another thing.  Mom and I came into a very low-profile lifestyle by choice, for our protection. There were negative beings who would have loved to do harm – take us hostage or just interfere with our mission – if they knew how to locate us.  They were looking for us to be living in high style as befitted “royalty,” not in the poverty we accepted by choice for security reasons.

You stirred up a LOT of thinking, Steve!  I guess that’s a good thing?  Oiling up the storage cabinet drawers and dusting off files!


Hi Steve!

I wanted to share with you that happened a year before last on Valentine’s Day.  I’d asked for a special Valentine treat from Plen. He got permission from my father to surprise me with a visit – a physical one in a special place – probably on the ship.

I was in the process of going to sleep on Valentine’s Day night when suddenly I found myself, physically, standing in a hallway with a few people passing by – humans. I wondered what I was there for but felt as if I were waiting for something to happen – or someone to appear.

Suddenly, coming around the corner of the hallway intersection was a very tall, handsome man that I seemed to recognize but, not expecting to see Plen, I didn’t know him right off as I haven’t seen him in the physical that up close and personal since our son, Jerry, was conceived!

He came striding toward me with a big grin and sparkling blue eyes. His hair was arranged in a modern style instead of the shoulder length platinum blond hair I remembered from our encounters in past. He was wearing a cream-colored suit that went well with his golden skin and blue eyes. He looked quite spiffy!

He walked straight up to me and I said, surprised, “Plen! Is that really you?” He said, “Yes, it’s really me! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

I reached out and touched him to be sure I was not dreaming. He WAS physical! I grabbed him, saying “I need a hug!” He is so much taller than I am, my left hand touched a nice, firm buttock and I looked up at him, saying “Nice butt!”

Then I asked if there was a place where we could go for privacy and he took my arm with his right arm around me and led me down the hallway. Then, darn it, I blacked out!!! My memories were blocked from that time on!

But it was the first real physical encounter on our ship that I actually got to experience and remember – at least, most of it!

I was hoping for another “surprise” for a special day like birthday, etc., but that was it! He got very busy after that – still is – I hope preparing for “graduation day” for us Lightworkers.

Have a great trip!



Well, is that not the most unusual biography you may have ever heard?

I feel incredibly fortunate to have known Ellie for several years and am more and more amazed the more I hear about her life.

She’s served Earth probably more than we might know or suspect. She and her other Pleiadian and galactic friends have kept this planet from spiraling into the hands of the dark and are part of the cosmic assistance preparing us all for Ascension.

Thank you, El, or Amppa, soon to be Queen Amppa, I presume. When you’re riding in your coronation carriage, I know you’ll be remembering your 2000 terrestrial Volkswagen and your days in a harem and smiling seraphically. You and Maxine.


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