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Laura Tyco – Private TAUK with Higher Self – 5 Dec 2011/12/05 – Pre Ancient Egyptian Life | Laura Tyco TAUK Messages

Laura: Good evening. I thank you once again for answering my call. I had the most amazing set of visions last night, and this morning. And with it came also a set of knowledge, which took me a few hours to verify last night on Egypt. Would you explain about the process?


Higher Self: The experience you had and keep having at a slower pace, is what you call Kundulini Rising. Through this experience you have been given access to your own Akashic records. It is necessary for you to have a clear understanding of the nature of the relationship you had with certain people and beings, over the past few years. You have already been given access for over two years to a few past lives reminiscences. This memory of a past life was necessary for you, in order to help you take the next step. Yes, you have verified all the information that you have received last night and now you know it is all part of your experience as well.


At the moment you are not identified with the life of that woman, especially with her tragic death. Your name back then was Alajia. The horrific death you see for her is real. She was a human, she lived over 7,000 years ago. She was a courtesan at first at court. At the time, the power of this pre Egyptian pharaoh extended from what is now known as Egypt, included the now Turkey, as far as India. There was a huge cultural mix, and there were a handful of extraterrestrial beings as head of this society. Very few knew much about the ruling families, and all feared the pharaoh’s power. What you see from the balcony of the woman is the Nile indeed, with abundant vegetation around of it. Where now are the Giza plateau pyramids, there stood a similar monuments and the Sphynx, as the guardian of the city. Indeed what matters more is the sacred location of the pyramids, rather than the pyramids themselves.


Yes, there was free energy available for royalty to distribute. They gained power and accessed the head of this pre Ancient Egypt civilization, thanks to their far advanced technology. No enemy could stand in front of their advanced alien technology, and no human could stand in their way to the throne. They adapted into the existing culture of Earth 7,000 years ago in order to exploit Earth’s resources for gold, precious stones, and other rarities they have never encountered before. Their intentions were motivated by personal gain, but they also had a desire to genuinely bring hope and progress to Earth as a thank you for what they were taking away from Earth. They never spoke of the fact that they were not human from Earth. Although their appearance was almost perfectly human.


You were married to one of the human aliens, he was the pharaoh, and you had no idea of anything at all concerning their plans or origins. You did notice a few unusual things about your husband, but you never could understand anything about some aspects of his life and were prepared to accept it. Your rights and place as the second wife were always well established. You were living in a period of high decadence with low morals. Your pharaoh had many official wives, but you were the only one he trusted enough to share his bed. In that time, being part of the pharaoh’s harem was a huge privilege. As gifts to the pharaoh, the colonized countries would offer him daughters, slaves, and rare beauties in order to gain his favors.


The pharaoh was amazed by these highly unusual customs for him, but nevertheless had to accept many offered wives as a present. The extraterrestrials who had become the rulers of this pre Ancient Egypt civilization did not want to rise suspicions by changing radically customs. So your pharaoh accepted the wives he was given with great curiosity and reverence.


Life at the palace was a dream for many young women, and they were in fact freed to go after a few years. The wives were also free to have lovers and to do as they wished. They lived in luxury and their main role was to be happy, beautiful and entertaining. Dancing, singing, playing instruments, gossip and having baths was very popular. Some of them acted as part-time palace helpers if they liked to work, others dedicated their time to temples and to deities, while others just preferred being courtesans and having noble lovers. There were never any demand or imposition made upon any of the women of the harem, but they competed for the pharaoh’s attention. You, as a member of the previous ruling family have ended in the harem; this was considered giving you a good life.


The first wife seduced the pharaoh as he was young, she was power thirsty. She was chosen as the first wife in order to keep order in the harem by fear. She was not ready to give up her power to a younger royal. She had despised the previous ruling family and all about them. As you grew into a wise, elegant lady, there was nothing she could do to keep the pharaoh’s attention from you. After months of slowly noticing her losing her grip on him and her authority, she could no bear the idea of not having children to give to the pharaoh. When she had heard the news of the pharaoh expecting a child from his second wife, she had realized she had to kill you before the baby was to be born. So this is the nature of your relationship.


She murdered you while your were pregnant. Jealousy was running high with this woman, and you do know who she is in this life. She is still playing the victim and still wishes your demise. She has not forgiven you for attracting the favors of the pharaoh and has a desire to chase you for all eternity; such is the extent of her wrath. You can forgive this woman, but certainly never trust her. As you know, you have experienced several disappointments of her hands, seeking for revenge.


You have asked what had happened to her, once she killed you and the baby. She knew of the secret magic the pharaoh had at his disposal for healing and reviving the dying ones, so she ensured your body would be left in pieces, as to never to be healed again. She was the one who stabbed first, then she got her men to ensure your body would not be recognizable. But the pharaoh had cameras over the palace, which nobody knew about, so he learnt everything by watching the recordings in the palace. She was left in the middle of the desert, with one flask of water, she did not survive.


I am you Higher Self

Laura Tyco

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Laura Tyco – Private TAUK with Higher Self – 5 Dec 2011/12/05 – Pre Ancient Egyptian Life | Laura Tyco TAUK Messages.

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